Three taboos in love

Love is a science. First, you have to find the person you love is really worth. Secondly, pay attention to ways and strategies in the love of the process. Finally, the most important point is that regardless of whether success in love, man must take the initiative to love, but do not wait for the woman to chase. It is neither realistic nor fly, even the lack of demeanor the men should have. In general, there are three main Taboos in love.

  • The other half of love is too harsh
    Too harsh for the other half  is  a biggest taboo. People tend to be too tolerant of their own, but then the other half are too harsh. Everyone is a separate entity, has a relatively complete spiritual world and values. On the same issue, everyone’s views and opinions are this or that difference. Of course, no one is perfect. So, who you love that object inevitably there will be this or that shortcoming and problems. In love, we must learn woolly-headed, do not seriously, not to be too harsh on the other half of love, otherwise you deserve single life.

  •  Too selfish and do not understand empathy in love
    Some people in love easily spoiled and arrogant, in fact, this is one of the biggest Taboos in love. Do not be too selfish in love, simply consider their feelings, regardless of the other’s life and death. In love, we must learn empathy, it is very important, and sometimes directly related to the survival of this love. Many problems and contradictions in love, just another point of view, all problems will be solved. Sometimes, people should learn understand each other, from a global perspective to measure and consideration, not entangled in a city of a pool of pros and cons.

  • Too worry about the outcome in love
    One of the biggest taboos in love too worry about the outcome. In love, they will inevitably worry about the outcome, because the love each other too strong, it is inevitable there will be the outcome of psychology. Just do not like too much. In fact, the ideal model is love, love of the two sides, there is one very tough love, love one party is fine, clear, such a relationship may be more lasting several; on the contrary, if two people are very tough love, then this section relationship is very easy to crash. So, both lovers in love should not overly worry about the outcome.

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