When the woman refused a good man, how did she think?

Because there’s more to it than that.

Let’s say you like hamburgers. Someone asks you what you like on your hamburger and you say “I like onions on my hamburger”. Alright, sounds good. But then that person gets you a burger and all it is, is an onion slapped between two hamburger buns. And now you’re sitting here wondering, where’s the hamburger meat, the lettuce, cheese, pickles, tomato, ketchup, and mustard?

But then that person gets mad at you and says “But you told me you like onions on your hamburger. So, I gave you onion and now you don’t like my hamburger!”

Yes, a woman may want a guy who treats her well. But that doesn’t mean that every guy who treats her well will just automatically get a date. If I dated every guy that treated me well I’d have dated every guy who was ever nice to me including my best friend.

A woman will probably also want to feel compatible with said guy, want to be attracted to him, want him to make her laugh, be supportive of her, have compatible goals, etc.

Lots and lots of guys will treat a woman well. It shouldn’t be something rare or special to find a guy that treats you well. Because the opposite is a guy who treats you like crap. Who puts you down or hits you or abuses you or neglects you. That just makes the guy a bad catch no matter what. To be a good catch, it takes more than just meeting the bare minimum requirement of “well, I’ll treat you nicely.”

Women operate along the same pattern. Yes, we may want a guy that treats us well. But that’s not all we want. We want the full burger, not the onion. Don’t be the onion.


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